North Central Insurance Agency


Yesterday marked my 28th anniversary with North Central Insurance Agency. Probably the best part of the job has been the interaction with people. Prior to that, I worked for 9 years on the family farm in Upperco, Maryland and most of my interaction was with Holstein cows.

Over the years I have had the privilege of creating relationships with my clients that I am very proud of and grateful for. Being a part of the Hereford Zone community has also been a great experience. Being able to interact daily with the people I grew up with is great. Almost 10% of the Hereford High School graduating class of 1980 has been clients of mine. I have also had the opportunity to volunteer alongside some wonderful dedicated people that have made  Northern Baltimore County a better place.

You cannot be successful or enjoy your work if you do not surround yourself with good people. The personnel of the companies we work with are a pleasure to deal with. But most importantly has been the staff that I have had the privilege to work with over the last 28 years. Our current staff of Terri, Chrissy, Shawanda do a superb job of working with our clients and are wonderful to work with.

Life is Good here in the Hereford Zone on this Beautiful June Afternoon!